“The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better” Tony Dungy

Located in Boadilla del Monte in the Northwest of Madrid, at A MAZE IN 60 we would like to offer companies an original way of promoting group dynamics for their employees, by detecting specific qualities they have which are sometimes not identifiable when being locked between four walls and with the burden and pressure of everyday work.
At the same time, these group activities speed up the innovation process among managers, bringing skills such as leadership, creativity, the ability to solve certain types of problems and so on to the surface.
When promoting teamwork, you motivate your workers, while analyzing how they cope with a challenge and handle stressful situations (such as time restrictions, as they have only 60 minutes)
We have two game rooms with a capacity for up to 6 players each and a meeting room where you can share your experiences afterwards.
For available dates and confirmation, please contact us by phone +34 91 253 40 89 or email at

Teamwork is the best way to develop, why not start playing?